I am honored to now regularly receive requests from people asking to use my music in various ways, from dancing to it at a show, to remixing it, to using it as a background track for your video. I want to encourage this! I love the idea that my music and energy can be integrated into your work and shared even further than I can reach myself. To facilitate this, here's a very simple policy for usage/licensing/re-use of my music that I hope you'll find straightforward and fair:


1. Please purchase the album

- They are available HERE. Please purchase the album for the full suggested price (usually only $10)

- You can listen to/preview the entire recording before you decide to make a purchase

- This will give you a wide variety of formats to choose from

2. Please credit me, where this is feasible

- Ideally, this would be including the text "Music by Dixon's Violin" (note the apostrophe), or "<songname> by Dixon's Violin"

- Inclusion of my website ( is encouraged, but not required

3. (optionally) Let me know about it :)

- This is not required, but I do love hearing about your projects! Unless you'd rather I not, I may share your project and/or add you to the wall-of-fame below :)

That's it! No royalties, no special payments (other than buying the album), and no need to get my permission on a case-by-case basis. I trust you! If you need a special version/duration/format, I am happy to create this for you, and I will request a reasonable editing fee. And if you need an exception to any of the above, just ask! I'd be happy to discuss - shoot me an email at

I thank you for your interest and support, and I'm excited for what you'll create!

With love,

- Dixon


Please contact:

Nikki Baragwanath

DallRae Music

Examples of Dixon's Violin Music usage:

Independent movies

- The Bloom

- Brave Red World

Video soundtracks

- Farmer City Art Glass video of Live Glass Sculpture: Click Here

- David Boyer's video of his kinetic wind sculpture: Click Here

- Detroit Fire Guild video "Presenting the Detroit Fire Guild": Click Here

- Christopher Breedlove "The Merkabah at Electric Forest 2011": Click Here

- Mystery School of the Temple Arts videos: Click Here

- Cool Cleveland "Ingenuity Fest": Click Here

TV Commercials

- Rachel Evers Realtor

- Red Productions commercial

Radio spots

- Sacred Sexuality with Leslie Blackburn airs monthly on Body Mind Spirit radio, here’s an example archive from March 2012: Click Here

Public Broadcasts

- Numerous yoga studios utilizes Dixon’s Violin music during classes

Live performances

- Too many to list! Here's a couple examples: Rocky Raquel bellydancing to Catalyst, and Danielle Hutton bellydancing to Afternoon Sunshine