(photo by Chris Switzer)



- "This was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life"
- "If there could be a soundtrack to my own transformation, it would be Dixon's Violin."
- "You are the singularly most profound thing I've ever seen. Thank you for altering my universe."
- "Dixon was mind blowing...it was so fantastic I can't even describe. Life changing."
- "The most beautiful thing I have ever seen! Not to mention the most moving!"
- "It was one of the most amazing and emotional performances I have ever witnessed. I have never seen                  anything so beautiful in my life."
- "Every music experience for me now is known as the time before Dixon’s Violin and after."
- "You changed my life and the life of a good friend of mine"
- "His violin will rip your heart out and set you free"
- "Your violin playing is the most beautiful thing my ears have ever heard."
- "Literally life-changing and I know that unless I have the chance to hear him perform again, I'll never hear              anything like it for as long as I live. INCREDIBLE."
- "The most moving artistic experience of my life"

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- "Dixon's Violin is a journey of transformation, unlike anything else", Alex Grey / Chapel of Sacred Mirrors 
- "The most beautiful sound in Sherwood Forest"- Electric Forest 
- "The violinist that is changing the world”- Preserve the Future 
- "Standing ovation...It's no surprise that Dixon was voted the best of the evening"- Examiner 
- "Not your ordinary violinist" - Fox 2 News 
- "It's quite an accomplishment for a man who possibly invented a new genre on his violin" - City Pulse 
​- "One in particular, Dixon's Violin, blew minds with a folksy, heartfelt set, performed entirely by one man and
    one electric violin." - Examiner 
- "[Dixon] had the crowd in the palm of his hand" - Metro Times 
- "See the real thing live...some truly moving music, you won't regret it."- Examiner 
- "Dixon will mesmerize you." - CAL U 
- "Dixon’s Violin named among “Artists 2 Watch” - Skope Magazine 
- "Dixon's Violin was a heavenly mellow transition and a true treat" - Examiner 
​- "If Dixon were to meet up with the Devil in Georgia, ol' Beelzebub wouldn't stand a chance. He's just that            good" - Princeton Times 
​- "A trance-like experience...you can't put your finger on, but you don't care. Just open up and let yourself go"
   -San Antonio Current